Why to read fairy tales…😖

When a girl is born we generally introduce fairy tales to her. In my opinion,fairy tales are disgusting. The only reasons why most of the girls tend to be weak is fairy tales..Now a question may arise why am i saying this..

Fairy tale leads us to the world of fantasy and imagination where cinderella runs away because she is afraid to reveal her actual truth and tolerates all the torchers of her step sisters and stepmother instead of knowing that she has the equal rights.

Why we all are obsessed with fair skins..this is because from a early age we have read that a fair skinned lady with european features is the only sign of beauty.

In this world,we have to be our own helpers….complicacy is the main thing for which we fall in depression and wait for the godmother to save us…and spend most of the teen years waiting for the prince charming..

Thus an idea of humiliation,silence and tolerance,when we shouldn’t, mingle with the mind of ours from a early age…So why only princess snowwhite and not an independent queen chocolaty brown…

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what is schooling like in india??

After a long time, I have started writing my views once again. Today, while I was bored in the so called p.t. class which is more like gossip classes…i came across that we do nothing other than studying in school. In foreign countries such as america, france,etc…schooling is not about the textbooks and pressure to do better..it is about learning with fun and other interesting activities. We do not get any personality development classes. We are just confined in four walls for approximately five hours,thus,ending up living a hectic life. All the teachers are generally with serious looks chanting the mantras and we,the victims, pretend to listen but  actually thinking about a faraway story. There are very less number of students who listen with concentration. Most of the times we r depressed about marks because they are the only thing which shows our intelligence. The one who scores well is said to be intelligent whereas one who scores bad is said to be a goat.But marks are just a number not the percent of our intelligence. All we want is a little encouragement to express our view through a debate, a speech or a school newspaper and learn without pretending.

Society of WOLVES

We live in a society where the honest is torn up into pieces by the wolves, where the good is in the list of endangered species..We know the law of nature is “do good,recieve good“.But the irony is what the heck do we recieve by doing good except of betray and defaud..The main question is how the good will survive if they are hunted daily??..Wherever we go there are wolves!!..high ranks,politicians,everywhere. How will we believe in those laws on honesty preached by our ancestors and on those chapters we read in moral science ?

We are the next generation, if we have lighter and woods in our mind, why not to fire it !!….and cut the claws and break the sharp teeth of such wolves.!! Let’s establish that faith on such laws again..let’s build a new society not only in INDIA but also in each and every NATION ..


Hii… This is my first blog..plz forgive if i had done any mistake… Hope you will like it!

LIFE… a pretty hard definition. Life is hard but easy. Life is happiness with a mist of sadness but sometimes the vice versa. We can claim that Life is full of confusions. What life will bring up…. no one knows but everything does not lie on fortune…!!!

We choose our stories. We can say life is mathematics. There are two chapters in the mathematics of life-one is decisions and another is problems. DECISIONS decide whether the sum(path) will be right or wrong. PROBLEMS, another chapter, in which there are too many formulae but we have to apply the right one. There are too many solutions and they fix the quantity of happiness and grief in our life. Choosing the best one is the hardest and the most confusing. Thus, we can consider life as pretty hard and confusing…..!!

How much hard it is….let’s face this breeze and storm of life with a cloaked smile. !!!